Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] H.350 server

Once upon a time Tuesday 11 May 2004 8:28 pm, Damien Sandras wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> Thanks for getting back to us about this !

No problems its somthing i think will help GM in the long term

> I was thinking to do them through a web interface. The users register
> for an account on, they are given a password.

cool that shuldn't be a problem,  when they register  they would get an 
account on the GNU GK and entry in the ldap server?  ill look into GNU GK 

> They register with their login/password in GnomeMeeting using the
> gatekeeper on It instantly publishes the info they have
> given when creating their account in the H.350 LDAP server. GnomeMeeting
> can browse that LDAP server.

cool  so we will have a db of all registered users and grab there info when 
they sign in  and push it to the ldap directory. 

> Notice I don't plan to support all H.350 attributes, but only those
> similar to ILS. The user will also be able to specify what attribute
> should be used when calling an user by double-clicking on him. For
> example, one of the attributes contains the alias to the Gatekeeper, the
> user will be able to configure that double-click on an user leads to
> calling h323://%s where %s is the alias, ie the login.

so just 

or there abouts?

> > as a web page as well as in gm address book.  if user whitepages  were
> > you
> Not sure about that one. I think the first step is the gm address book.

Whitepages online would involve alot more work for little gain  and probably 
make it easier for non gm users to find out gm users details

> > thinking we would have a registered helper in the browser  so users could
> > click on sip of h323 links to call a user?  were you thinking of gnugk or
> There is an attribute in the H.350 schemas specifying what protocol the
> user is using. When double-clicking, you will call him using that
> registered protocol.
> GNU GK, asterisk is only a gateway.
> H.323 users will register using a gatekeeper, their default proto will
> be H.323.
> SIP users will register using a SIP Registrar, their default proto will
> be SIP.


> > now as to implementation i am currently doing an overloaded workload of
> > subjects at uni so i can graduate this year. but what i have is this.  at
> > the
> Im crossing my fingers!

> I think we will have SIP after H.350. That implies installing an
> OpenLDAP server with the H.350 schemas (easy), coding LDAP support in GM
> (less easy, but I'll do it), coding the registration pages in PHP (less
> easy), modifying GNU GK or openh323gk to support :
> - doing the authentication using H.350
> - publishing the info to the public H.350 server when an user registers
> on it

That sounds good to me 

> Perhaps the authentication won't be done using H.350 but a MySQL DB, I
> don't know yet. In any case, the authentication details can not be
> visible to outside users and registered users details should be visible
> to outside users only for users who are currently registered to the
> Gatekeeper.

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