Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] additional feathres.

> Instead of 'scanning' it should be possible to say:
> 'try to open v4l device blah'.  When the call starts it trys to open
> blah, if blah fails it falls back to picture.  So you would select the
> device once, and it would remember that setting from then on.

Unfortunately it is not as easy than that. The Video4Linux PWLib plugin
contains a dictionnary associating "real name" - "driver name". 

You need to use the driver name to be able to open the device
successfully, it then looks in the dictionnary to determine the real
device name and opens it.

In your case, rebuilding the dictionnary is thus needed, and rebuilding
it requires rescanning the devices list. Recent versions of ohphone also
work that way.
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