Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Increasing required time to answer a

> i would go with a default of 45 seconds  but allow the user to set the
> there own time.  if connection attempt times out the called machine should
> send a connection time-out back so the caller doesnt sit theer waiting. 
> if call redirect the client could send a message back saying call is being
> redirected simmiliar to what the telcos in Australia do with Cell Phones.
> the clients end should ring untilthe call is answered or redirected  just
> the same as if it was a telephone.

That's the current behavior (with a different timing). However, you can
not rely on the remote end for dropping the call. You should do it
locally too (not all clients are bug free).

However, do you really think the 45 seconds shoudl be configurable
between 10 and 59 seconds? I have some doubts about the usefulness.
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