[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Increasing required time to answer a call: Opinion

Goerge, and the others,

The current behavior is the following:
- when you are calling somebody, there is one minute timeout for the
other person to answer the call.
- but on the other side, since a few releases, GnomeMeeting rejects the
call after 15 seconds, or forward it after 15 seconds if you didn't
accept it.

I propose to do the following:
- when you are calling somebody, he has 1 minute to answer you, or the
local gnomemeeting stops calling.
- when you are called, it rings until the other person stops calling (ie
1 minute), but if you chose to forward on no answer, it forwards the
call after that minute.

I wonder :
- should I let the user configure that 1 minute, ie choose a value
between 10 seconds and 59 seconds
- or is it excessive and hardcoding it to 1 minute, or to 30 seconds is
a better idea?

don't forget, before adding a setting to gnomemeeting, it must be proved
it is really useful, or users get lost in all the settings.

Thanks for your advice.

PS: I vote for a 45 second time, harcoded.

 _      Damien Sandras
//\     It-Optics s.a.
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