Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Increasing required time to answer a call: Opinion

On ven, 2004-01-23 at 09:18, Christopher Warner wrote:
> I think that it should ring indefinitely until you pick it up just like
> a normal telephone. When I call someone it rings and rings and rings
> until they pickup. Or the call is sent to voicemail, eventually the
> person will stop ringing or get the voicemail.

I agree... you rarely get me wait on the phone more than 20s. So
infinite time if you're not away is ok.

And if the "forward call" is enabled, then I expect the call to really
be forwarded (idea: you're talking with someone, and don't want to be

> 3. Deny Feature :)
> Deny "X" person from calling? An automatic reject feature based on a
> persons callto:// or worst case scenario ip. ? 
> Lets say someone wants to abuse the above, so they call you.. repeatedly
> and you have to keep rejecting their calls, over and over and over. It'd
> get annoying.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Some users with broken config keep on calling and calling
again... I would gladly put them on a black list.


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