Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] bug ?

Le sam 22/11/2003 à 16:32, Stefan Bruens a écrit :
> Do you have something like 
> options snd snd_cards_limit=3 snd_major=116
> in your modules conf? This is the limit for autoprobing, modprobing loads 
> additional modules ignoring this limit.
indeed that was that.....snd_cards_limit was set to 1 :/
i didn't know that options...and that is what i don't like too much ALSA
...too much things to configure....OSS was quite easier.... though ALSA
is more flexible and support more soundcards better way....well

> Greets,
thanks a lot
> Stefan

Fabrice Alphonso
Translation Maintainer - GnomeMeeting Team
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