Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] bug ?

Le sam 22/11/2003 à 02:04, Fabrice Alphonso a écrit :
> Some more precisions about that part.
> i just realized something. I rebooted the laptop while having the webcam
> still plugged, so at boot up sequence the usb devices were recognized
> and modules related to usb loaded before the alsa sound was started, and
> it appeared that in GM at this time the usb mic has been discovered but
> not the main sound card.
> i closed my graphical session , then unloaded all sound modules then
> reloaded them by starting ALSA first then loading the usb webcam's mic
> in second, and there GM saw the main sound card but nomore the webcam's
> mic.
> is there some problem in ALSA plugin in audio device detection ?

No... Kilian, Snark and me are using several ALSA devices.

> does it stops when it find the first device not trying to see if there
> are some more available ?

No, but are you sure you didn't limit your ALSA config to 1 card?
(snd-card-limit or something so)

> Fabrice
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