Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] New druid committed to CVS

Le mar 04/11/2003 à 22:47, Alessio Dessi a écrit :
> > * Users are now only registered to ILS if they explicitely request it
> I've checked the box to avoid registering but gnomemeeting is still
> trying to register, and in the preference is still checked the option
> "Publish my detail ...." of the user directory setitngs

I guess we need a better naming.

You can choose to register to the ILS directory without publishing your
details on the server. You are thus invisible. If you don't register to
the ILS server, the "publish my details" has no effect.

So are you really sure it registers you? Not here...

> not asking anymore about location and national code
> at the end of the configuration appear the popup windows saying this
> change will be applied to the next call but not to this one, this hannes
> also when there is no call in progress

Yes, excellent bug! It only happens when you do not register to ILS,
that's why I didn't find it! However, I can't always reproduce it, I'll
leave this for tomorrow... I just tried 5 times and didn't get the
problem. I'm sure it is there though. Can you try the new snapshot when
Kilian will have rebuild it and find a way to reproduce the problem?

> v4l and avc  are working fine v4l1 fails but I really dunno if it should
> works with my webcam

It is experimental => that's normal.

> ok I will try

You already broke it. Thanks VERY MUCH for finding that !
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