Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [Fwd: Re: URL bugs?]

El lun, 02-06-2003 a las 11:16, Damien Sandras escribió:
> Le lun 02/06/2003 à 11:10, Miguel Rodríguez a écrit :
> > Ok... I'll dare to answer without coffee ;)
> > The user writes "remotehost:1740" in the location bar... GM sees this is
> > not a h323: thing, nor a callto: thing, as it doesn't start with the
> > protocol prefix.
> > So, GM tries to call h323:@remotehost:1740 (as that is probably what the
> > user wants to call) and rewrites the text in the location bar.
> Problems with that approach are:
> - we introduce a 3rd type of URL, different from callto and h323, the
> GnomeMeeting URL.
That is the same as sayting that browsers have a "browsers url" because
they accept locations without the protocol part.
For instance, if you have a "mymother" entry in your addressbook, typing
"mymother" in the location bar should be enough for GM, and it should
try "h323:whatever".
> - the location bar always begins with "h323:" by default, so users are
> unlikely to delete the h323: part.
This has an obvious easy fix ;)

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