Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [Fwd: Re: URL bugs?]

El lun, 02-06-2003 a las 11:03, Damien Sandras escribió:
> > I think writting should be enough if 1740 is the standard port
> > (if not As h323:// would be the most common prefix, GM
> > should try that itself (in the same way the web brosers add the http://,
> > http://www. or even ftp:// if the host name starts with ftp.
> 1720 is the standard port, so no need to put it when you call a remote
> location. If the user has to call a different port, say 1740, he has to
> write and not like with callto.
> That is the *whole* problem. If GM adds the "@" for the user, then GM
> breaks the RFC. If GM respects the RFC, there is no way to guess that
> is not correct, so there is no guessing possible at all
> here.
> You proposed that GM writes itself the advanced URL. How could we do in
> the present case?
> Creating a GTK dialog to build valid URLs is not a problem for me, we
> don't even need to support *all* URLs with that dialog, but only the
> most common ones. Users are still free to write more advanced URLs by
> hand if they need it. However I don't see how and where that dialog
> could be called... In Tools ? URL Editor?
> Do we understand correctly each other?
> /me is drinking coffee now so that his brain works again
Ok... I'll dare to answer without coffee ;)
The user writes "remotehost:1740" in the location bar... GM sees this is
not a h323: thing, nor a callto: thing, as it doesn't start with the
protocol prefix.
So, GM tries to call h323:@remotehost:1740 (as that is probably what the
user wants to call) and rewrites the text in the location bar.

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