Re: Owncloud 5.0.7 Error 401

Hey there

thanks again for the offer.

I did some more tests in the meantime. connects successfully and lets me browse
the files via terminal.

Nautilus cannot connect with the same data given using the webdav
protocol as described in the first part on gnome3 in the owncloud docs:

So far from over here, I hope it helps track down what goes wrong and

Best regards,

On Mo, 2013-06-10 at 09:13 +0000, Debarshi Ray wrote:
Hey Georg,

I always get a "401 Unexpected response from server" error message when
trying to connect owncloud, regardless of right or wrong password and

Would it be possible to have a test account on your setup? I don't have
access to a no-SSL server.

Otherwise I will try to fix it by looking at the code and then you can
let me know if it worked for you.


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