Owncloud 5.0.7 Error 401

Hey there,

I always get a "401 Unexpected response from server" error message when
trying to connect owncloud, regardless of right or wrong password and

The only difference I can produce is when trying to connect with SSL (by
not giving http:// at the beginning of the server address), then I get a
message that the certificate does not match the expected identity...

When I click on ignore in that case, I get a "404 Unexpected response
from server" error.

Since I do not have SSL, I am not surprised SSL does not work. However,
I hope you can help me get normal connection working since I installed
ubuntu gnome 13.04 for the sole reason to test and later use the
evolution contact and calendar integration :)

If you need more info, I'll be happy to provide them. Some more
information can likely be found in the bug-report I wrote on launchpad:

Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 with gnome3-team ppa and gnome-online-accounts 3.8.2

Best regards,

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