Re: Having external control panels in System settings

2012/2/7 Petko <pditchev gmail com>
Jon, thanks for the proper explanation . On the positive side - you're not the control freaks you seemed like :D // On the negative - you made the bad decision of making a new shell (in the name of a new design) without thinking about when it will be fully functional . The fact is it won't be for a loong time .
 Second negative - you have to wrap it around your heads that you can't keep the distros out of it .

Petko, as much as I personally would like the panel to be extensible, I don't think this is the right way to address the problem. Jon and the rest of the CC team have done a tremendous amount of work on their own, it seems quite unfair to me and even disrespectful to tell them "you haven't done enough". They have done their best with their time, and I'm sure they've done quite a bit of sacrifice for us to get as far as we are overall with GNOME 3. We should all give them the credit for such an effort.

So instead of telling them how wrong they are, how about you step up to do the work they cannot cover? (mind though, that up until now, none said that the extensibility was a time/resources problem)

The question to ask here is, Jon, how can we help?
That's pretty much it , in my opinion you should make the compromise of a backdoor to let some specific settings in until there is a better integrated solution (something will come up) .

I know this thread has gone on for waay too long , but I'm still curious to hear thoughts on the above.


Alberto Ruiz

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