Re: Having external control panels in System settings

On 02/07/2012 10:07 AM, Olav Vitters wrote:
Distributions can patch what they need. Mageia does not patch. For me,
it is a benefit that applications cannot use it.

If I check some of the custom control panels at work, I see:
- Java
- Program Updates
- Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager
- Remote Control
   funny one, cannot change anything
- Run Advertised Programs
- SAP configuration
- Flash Player

I don't see why any of above should be separately in System Settings
(program updates is already in system settings btw, but then better

Is the request for the API solely for distributions?

Note: I do have an nvidia card. I don't think the nvidia stuff belongs
in system settings. Further, I initially disliked the API removal. I've
changed my opinion.

I'm not saying that the launcher system was perfect - I get your point about having too much useless stuff , but the other polarity isn't good either . Practically we're having the discussion because I (and others) don't think getting from one polarity to the other is a benefit . Yes , make some kind of guidelines , make it harder to integrate than dropping a .desktop in , but there are settings that distros and apps must have in the control panel and they will have them (which will eventually change G-C-C no matter what you think , and people won't get to know that you didn't do it) .

If no one keeps your design (except Mageia) - why insist on it ?


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