Release Candidate UI Bugs

Hi all,

I finally managed to resurrect my F15 install last night and got an
opportunity to do some testing on the release candidate. Unfortunately,
I stumbled across some UI bugs. Since bgo is down, here they are:

 * The All settings button should have a raised visual style (like the
Nautilus search button has)

 * The all settings window is way too tall (see It extends
below the bottom of the screen on my laptop. The default window height
needs to be lower: 580px, maybe?

 * User accounts panel - the account type and language combobox don’t
have arrows on them until you click them. They look like buttons.

 * GNOME Shell's icon and label for the control center don't get updated
if you change panels. This might be GS bug, but I thought I'd mention it
in case it's not. Steps to reproduce:
  - Search for a control center panel from the shell
  - Open a panel from the search results
  - Then change panel from inside the control center
  - The icon in the top panel does not update and the icon. Nor does the
icon and label in the alt-tab switcher

I realise that some of these would break UI freeze. I personally think
it would be worth it, though the docs team might think differently. ;)

IRC: aday on

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