Re: Release Candidate UI Bugs

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 6:47 AM, Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> wrote:

>  * User accounts panel - the account type and language combobox don’t
> have arrows on them until you click them. They look like buttons.

Well, they _are_ buttons until you click them, then they turn into comboboxes.

>  * GNOME Shell's icon and label for the control center don't get updated
> if you change panels. This might be GS bug, but I thought I'd mention it
> in case it's not. Steps to reproduce:
>  - Search for a control center panel from the shell
>  - Open a panel from the search results
>  - Then change panel from inside the control center
>  - The icon in the top panel does not update and the icon. Nor does the
> icon and label in the alt-tab switches

No, the app menu interaction with the control-center shell is just suboptimal.
Another problem case is something like this:
1) open network settings from the network menu
2) you get 'Network settings' in the app menu
3) now click on 'Sound settings' in the sound menu
4) the open cc-shell window morphs into the sound prefs
5) the app menu now shows 'Sound settings'
6) now hit 'all settings'
7) you end up with the cc overview, but the app menu goes back to
'Network settings'

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