Re: Extensible Shell

> Given that we now have a single window and search feature, does it still
> make sense to be combining lots of settings into single capplets? Would
> it be better to take a "do one thing and do it well" approach? I even
> seem to have difficulty remembering that "font preferences" are found
> under "appearance", for example!

I agree with Thomas here, it just seems wrong to me. 

In some cases maybe but not in this one.  The Hardware section should
have settings panels that pertain to individual hardware.  I think it
isn't cool to have two different panel to go to to setup things about
Keyboard hardware.  It also increases the cost of mistakes of choosing
the "wrong" one.

That's like saying screen resolution and appaerence should both be in the same capplet because they affect your screen (Windows does this and it creeps me out.

This needs some more research.


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