Re: Extensible Shell

Just to continue the discussion we started yesterday on IRC.

My idea is that separation Page from Panel looks somewhat artificial.
It forces 2-level hierarchy without ability to add anything extra. As
a result, we are going to keep popup dialogs at several places where
we could use 3rd level instead. In particular,
Keyboard->Layout->Options, Appearence->Themes->Customize,
Appearence->Fonts->Advanced (and perhaps other places). Similar issue
may arise if Display goes into Appearence or vice versa, keybindings
into keyboard etc.

Why not make it generic? The CcPanel can be used at any level of
hierarchy (even though we would certainly recommend using no more than
2-3 levels, for simplicity). The navigation would be done by putting a
sequence of buttons at the top of the shell:
[All][Keyboard][Layout][Options]. Additionally, help pages, as well as
search results in Tracker could refer to these locations, by using the
syntax like "gnome-control-center appearance/fonts/advanced".



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