Re: Extensible Shell

I gave the module api a quick try, here is my user account editor as a
cc module:

Few things I noticed while doing this:

- I saw some trouble with visibility handling when switching back and
forth between modules - I guess some code in the shell is calling
show_all on the panels ?

- The existing code I saw registered its panel subclass as a dynamic
type, but the page subtype as a static type. I guess unloading is not
going to work anyway, and all types should just be registered

- When converting capplet code to something that can be used both in
the standalone capplet and the module, one thing to remember is to
move from gettext to dgettext, ie include gi18n-lib.h instead of

- One api that we are going to want is some way to associate keywords
with a module to make search work better. E.g for my dialog, I would
want to add things like "account", "user", "auto-login",

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