Dropping the "Interface" tab from appearance capplet


It has been suggested that we remove the interface tab from the
Appearance capplet. This is for a number of reasons:

1) The tab mostly exposes bad design decisions

2) The tab page is fairly sparse and only contains three preferences

However, before we remove the tab, I suggest we fix the default option
for the toolbar styles. I would like to see the default setting being
"Text beside icons". My reasoning is:

1) This reduces the amount of vertical space uses in toolbars, allowing
more room for actual content

2) Important buttons are given a larger size than other buttons, meaning
better fitts-law for these buttons.

3) This seems to be a good compromise between "icons only" and "icons
and text"

4) It seems to be more similar to other environments

A quick survey in the office seems to suggest the "text beside icons" is
the most popular choice for default.

Some people have expressed concern about removing the options without
properly testing applications with the new default. I personally have
*always* used text beside icons and haven't seen a problem. However, if
we make this change now, we can always revert the changes before release
if there are serious issues.



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