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On 14 Jul 2009, at 21:12, Thomas Wood wrote:

On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 17:15 +0100, Calum Benson wrote:
Some folks at Sun (not including me, really) have been working up some
ideas for a control center shell refresh.  If I'd been more organised
I'd have liked to give a lightning talk or something about it in Gran
Canaria last week, but have done the next best thing instead-- I've
just blogged about it :)


Well, this is excellent, I've been thinking about something like this
for some time, wish I'd heard about it sooner!

Not sure about the rollover/in place menu, how well does this scale?

Well, that partly depends on how the capplets end up being distributed among the top level categories, I guess, but it's certainly a potential concern. That said, the idea of a more compact control center isn't to give carte-blanche to developers to implement a whole bunch of new capplets just because there's now more room for them :) We'd still want to keep a tight rein on that, as we've been trying to do in recent years.

(I'm still pinging the designers to join in the discussion here and/or on the blog, as they'll have thought about these sorts of issues a lot more than I have...)

How is Sun planning on implementing this?

No firm plans there as yet, so hopefully in whatever way works best for the community, if people want to go down this route-- the more people we can persuade to help out, the better :) There's literally no source code at all yet, just those Flash demos, so we're certainly looking for input on how you'd want us to proceed with any development.

As I mentioned over on d-d-l, it's probably also worth mentioning that part of Sun's motivation for working on the control center at all is to integrate with the Visual Panels work[1] that we're also doing, which will probably largely replace gnome-system-tools on the OpenSolaris desktop over time.

While it's not immediately obvious that Visual Panels have a useful life outside of OpenSolaris, by all means have a look at what we're doing there too, and if there's anything that might be useful upstream we'd be happy to figure out how to make that happen, too.



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