Re: A weird bug about gnome-control-center

On Mon, 2009-07-27 at 09:35 +0800, Zhang Qiang wrote:

> Thanks for your reply:),  I know this issue is very weird. Our
> gnome-control-centrer version is 2.26.0.
> I am not familiar with the development of gtk, and I tried to analysis
> the source code of gnome-about-me, but I can't find which file saves
> the self information, or which config file would be load when
> gnome-about-me started, can you tell me?

I'm not sure exactly where the information is stored, but it's done by
evolution-data-server, and you can see the "self" contact in the
evolution addressbook, for example.

Btw, it's a much better idea to report bugs in our bugzilla as they tend
to be overlooked/forgotten on the mailing list.


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