A weird bug about gnome-control-center

Hi Gnomecc dev-members:

Thanks for you can spend your precious time to read my E-mail. I am a distribution engineer of Moblin, When we use gnome to moblin, we found a wired issue about gnome-about-me.

The detail description as follows:

Bug detailed descriptions(behavior, impact, etc)
When the system is newly installed, I found the multiple-line user address
information can not be loaded well. the info will be loaded into "P.O.box"
item. Please see my steps.

Reproduce Steps(steps,current result, reproduce possibility)
(1) when the system is newly installed. Launch "about-me" from App launcher.
(2) edit Personal address info with:

(3) close "about-me" applet to save the user info. then launch it again to
(4) you will find the address is gone, P.O.box show strange chars. (in the
(5) Only happen once, all setting in "about-me" will be ok after the first info

Expected result:
User address info (with multiple-line) should be recorded well.

Possible root cause:


Our bugzilla address is:http://bugzilla.moblin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1606


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