Re: A weird bug about gnome-control-center


and sorry for taking so long to reply.

On Fri, 2009-07-03 at 09:43 +0800, 张强 wrote:
> Reproduce Steps(steps,current result, reproduce possibility)
> ===========================================================
> (1) when the system is newly installed. Launch "about-me" from App launcher.
> (2) edit Personal address info with:
> a
> a
> a
> a
> a
> (3) close "about-me" applet to save the user info. then launch it again to
> check
> (4) you will find the address is gone, show strange chars. (in the
> attachment)
> (5) Only happen once, all setting in "about-me" will be ok after the first info
> change.

I can't seem to reproduce this behaviour.

You didn't state what version you're using, so that might be one issue,
and I also didn't have a newly installed system, but I made sure the
"self" user in e-d-s was deleted before running g-a-m.


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