Re: Display configuration capplet

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 07:45:32PM +0100, Soeren Sandmann wrote:
> Bryce Harrington <bryce canonical com> writes:
> > On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 03:17:03AM +0100, Soeren Sandmann wrote:
> > > > I've mostly been focusing on packaging the existing code this last week
> > > > but will try to contribute some time to it.  I hope it's ok if I just
> > > > send you patches here.
> > > 
> > > Certainly.
> > 
> > I noticed my monitor is missing from display-name.c (BenQ); attached is
> > a patch to add it.  Also, I googled a bit and found a page with a
> > listing of EDID Manufacturer ID's - mine was not on it, but it contained
> > a number of other common monitors not already in display-name.c.
> Out of curiousity, where did you find this? I googled for it too, but
> didn't find anything. 

I found it at:

> The list I had was based on some code I found on sourceforge. It had
> some incorrect entries, so I don't trust it completely.

Yeah, I also ran across a couple other pages with TLA->Company mappings
(one from a milspec) but only some of the names mapped correctly.  The
above link is from an EDID spec document, so it seems the most
authoritative source I could find.

I notice display-name.c has the labels separated by source, which I
think is a very good idea - it may help in the future if we notice
incorrect entries to be able to go back and re-review.  I'd like to
suggest including the source for each set of entries, for future

Btw, I also looked through the MonitorDB, which does not have the
monitor TLA mappings, but is a useful list of monitor manufacturers.
With the combined info we have now, I think we've covered the vast bulk
of these, but there's still a handful of manufacturers we're missing
(BenQ as an example).  I guess we can keep an eye out for them in bug


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