Re: Appearance Capplet Ideas

Jens Granseuer wrote:
On 06.04.2007 20:16, Denis Washington wrote:
While I was talking with Thomas about the problem of the Theme tab changing controls in the other tabs, I came up with a mockup that makes an external theme selection window accessible through a "Choose Theme..." button, which is above the notebook containing the actual preferences. Screenshots are here:

If we can make clear to the user that changing the theme also changes his appearance settings, I think this could be a solution to the tab-influences-tab problem.

It does solve the interdependency issue, I think, but I prefer
Thomas' version for several reasons:

1) putting the metatheme stuff above everything else implies that
saving/choosing a theme there also includes settings like fonts,
background, menus & toolbars which it (usually) does not (and
should not).

Thomas said background and fonts are also supported by metathemes (if you closely look at the current theme capplet, you can see the line "This theme does not suggest any particular font or background.", so support for this seems to already exist.

2) the metatheme selection seems like a much more natural entry
point for new users; it does have the disadvantage that it probably
won't be used much afterwards, though. It looks like we can't
have both.

Yes, that's the main problem. The question is: should the capplet optimized for the one time a user enters it first or the several times he uses it afterwards? I would prefer the latter.

3) it takes more space

That's truly undeniable.



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