Re: Appearance Capplet Ideas

Forgot the list again. *sigh*

On 06.04.2007 20:16, Denis Washington wrote:
> While I was talking with Thomas about the problem of the Theme tab 
> changing controls in the other tabs, I came up with a mockup that makes 
> an external theme selection window accessible through a "Choose 
> Theme..." button, which is above the notebook containing the actual 
> preferences. Screenshots are here:
> If we can make clear to the user that changing the theme also changes 
> his appearance settings, I think this could be a solution to the 
> tab-influences-tab problem.

It does solve the interdependency issue, I think, but I prefer
Thomas' version for several reasons:

1) putting the metatheme stuff above everything else implies that
saving/choosing a theme there also includes settings like fonts,
background, menus & toolbars which it (usually) does not (and
should not).

2) the metatheme selection seems like a much more natural entry
point for new users; it does have the disadvantage that it probably
won't be used much afterwards, though. It looks like we can't
have both.

3) it takes more space


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