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Hi everybody,

I've been out the last week and when I arrived I saw a lot of mails about wgo,

As I was on the begining process that designed Plone WGO I can explain how it was expected to work the i18n:

As gnome uses po/pot files to their translators and it wasn't possible to change we decided to use their po2xml/xml2po[1][2]. Using this software we where able to have a xml files for each translation, using xslt to create the correct xml that PloneMarshall(or XLIFF if it works correct on LinguaPlone) needs and import them using webdav.

I'll try to assist to the IRC meeting on 11th, but I don't have much time to help.


[1] :
[2] :

2009/5/6 Carsten Senger <senger rehfisch de>
Hello Paul,

Paul Cutler schrieb:
Looking at :

If you scroll way down to the l18N section, Jon Stahl had commented:

LinguaPlone <> imports and exports using
theXLIFF <>standard.

Not sure about its support for PO files, but I believe that PO can be
transformed into XLIFF and vice-versa.

yes, I've found it. It's an addition to LinguaPlone called XLIFFMarshaller

It was actively developed while it gnome did it's cms evaluation, but there was no further development since 2006.
We've to test it. I don't expect many problems, but it's low on the list.


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