Re: Front page strategy and progress


2009/6/12 Jens W. Klein <jens bluedynamics com>:
> Am Fri, 12 Jun 2009 12:33:23 +0100 schrieb Lucas Rocha:
> [..]
>> The idea is to have the non-styled framework for the front page. In
>> practice, this means having an ugly page with banner, main text, three
>> columns showing the entries from different sources. As I said, I'm not
>> sure we should have a "People" column on front page. For now, I think we
>> can keep the current approach (see which is: column 1 has
>> news, column 2 has events, column 3 has misc "stuff".
> [..]
> I think we do it best the 'Lean' approach and decide the people column
> very late. Implementation is some work (without styling it would take 4-8
> hours for me). I'd propose to do the implementation very generic in an
> own package, so we can reuse the proposed Collage-Viewlet.

What do you mean with "Lean approach"? Reuse the proposed Collage-Viewlet where?

Anyway, I agree we don't need to decide on all the details of the
front page now. As I said, the important thing is to have the
framework in place.



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