Front page strategy and progress

Hi all,

Here is the current text for the collage strategies on the <>

=== Add content to Collage ===

'''Strategy 1: reference existing items''' As said Collage allows you to
reference existing content inside the Plone site and show it within a
Collage. I.e. this works fine for Top-5-News and Upcoming Top-5-Events.
News and Events are stored dynamics searches called ''Collection'' in
Plone. In a default Plone both (News and Events) Collections are
pre-configured on installation of a vanilla Plone. Both are having
already an archive. To show the top-5 (newest) news we reference the
collection into collage and apply a layout showing only the top 5 of the
listing. Providing a ''more'' link to the collection itself the visitor
jumps to the full-listing with archive.

 * All front-page only content (banner, etc.) in all versions from any
time at one place.
 * Editors can organize their content as they need (sub folders, etc.)
 * Content is better accessible for editors and not
 hidden in a collage/row/column structure.
 * Content can easily used
 anywhere else.

 * To add something to Collage it has to be created somewhere else. This
 may disturb the workflow.

'''Strategy 2: adding new items inside''' Collage also allows you to
create new contents inside a colunm object. It is useful for documents
(text) or images which are never used outside of Collage.

 * Better workflow.
 * Clearer for new editors where to find the contents.
 * Less accessible for editors.
 * Content is not reusable somewhere else.

I like the better workflow of strategy 2, but I think it's more beneficial
for GNOME to keep older versions of texts/banners if needed so I'd choose
strategy 1 (referenced content). It will also probably make the
translation implementation easier to have the parts as "normal" content
items in the content space.

What is to do for the milestone on June 17?


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