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On 2/23/07, Thilo Pfennig <thilopfennig foresightlinux org> wrote:
I have started to work out some plan for the projects
( as this was
not started yet.

Cool. Take in account though all we discussed last year, which was a lot.

The latest status was this diagram:

VERY IMPORTANT: in your email there is an apparent confusion between
GNOME Products and Projects. They are different things, completely.

- Products: cute and brief pages summarizing the greatness and
features of SOFTWARE. A wgo section edited by marketing team with the
collaboration of the developers behind each component/application
(hopefully with some DOAP magic to optimize maintenance). Translated
into wgo languages.

- Projects: subsites where PEOPLE publish, document, collaborate and
develop software products. under wgo/projects in the current
structure, under during the 2.19 release cycle
unless Jeff throw us an H-Bomb or we get stuck again. Each project is
maintained by the teams, marketing doesn't do anything else than offer
support (if they want it). There is a projects index to be improved.
Translations are responsibility of each project (most are in English
only) and we don't set any policy about which CMS to use etc. We can
help to those willing to join the Plone platform, but we won push

We have also

- Teams: your are mixing them also in your email. GNOME teams are
Accessibility, Marketing, Usability, Release, Documentation...
Something completely different to Projects and to Products.

What I really would find important for the future would be more streamlined
project pages (software or not).

Now I not sure if you are talking about the planned GNOME Products
(which will be more streamlined) or project subsites (where there is
no common policy, but offering a checklist with recommendations would
help them).

 I have read again the threads about but I think this really
does not help so much for our pages.

The gnomefiles feeds will go in the GNOME Products page, this is
planned and decided.

Another open question is if we should have a subdomain or not. My suggestion
would be for now that we NOW just try to move every page in /projects to the
new CMS.

Yes to projects.g.o subdomain, No to move projects websites to the new
CMS, unless a project comes by their own initiative looking for CMS

BTW: I think maybe it would be better if web structure and GNOME releases
would not be synced because my feeling is that expecially when a release is
coming people tend to have less time,

If we would have followed the schedule now all the tough wirk would be
done and we wiould be doing just betatest and related fixes. After 1,5
years following discussions and works about the wgo revamp I remember
seeing just very few component maintainers, core developers.

Also, the schedule proposed is about last deadlines, if someone wants
to start earlier and finish earlier nobody is going to stop her.

By now the problem is not about schedules, but about resources. At
least this is how I see it.

Quim Gil ///

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