Re: status

Dana Uto, 17 April, 2007 11:53 , Frederic Peters je napisao/la
> Can't you drop sth like lang.xml in /docitem/version/ that would be
> created when you generate doc ?  And load it with AJAX ?

That will stop google from indexing localized documentation. We need to
have static links for this to work.

>> This is how I planned to do it, but never did. :) Are you interested to
>>  implement this functionality? Do you think there is a better way to
>> organize things? Are infos inside docitem object enough and should map
>> of localized title/abstract tuples be part of docitem object as well or
>>  every document should provide index.LANG.xml file?
> I think I can do it (once I get a copy of the current directory
> structure (or part of it since I am low on bandwidth and disk space); this
> would also be raw HTML files which will be processed by a similar XSLT as
> the other documents to provider header/footer, ?

You can generate output directly from Python, there is no need for XSLT
processing. Just remember that you must use gettext for static strings so
they can be localized as well (they will be part of library-web gettext


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