Re: The future of gup in developer and bugzilla

2006/2/9, Claus Schwarm <c schwarm gmx net>:
I agree that wikis could be much more useful if they would offer a way
to use a fixed, heirarchical structure -- a sort of split into
sub-wikis. (And if they would finally agree on a common mark-up
standard, these bloody /&%$§$=()/ ).

MoinMoin also can use MediaWiki markup with a plugin. I think this is a good thing.


In fact, I'm not very excited about lgo - it still looks like a wiki
and this needs to be fixed.

Why? I mean I think it could be more pretty, but I think there is no need to pretend not to be a wiki. I see the GNOME LIve! Wiki as a good site for organising things and develop ideas. I do more have a problem for YEARS with the look of (which could be easily fixed in minutes) - and that is a site, that is supposed to be public and has no wiki software as it's background. Before we try to make a wiki look like it was not a wiki we should simple fix some simple things.


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