Greetings to the whole list,

lately, there have been some interesting discussions going around on here.
The results of these discussion are:

1) We will first come up with a complete markup, then start implementing CSS on top of it
2) We will use XHTML served as text/html (or any variant, like serving it like application/xhtml+xml to compliant browsers etc etc)

Anyway, what we need to do now is organize the work a bit. I took a look at the templates, and before diving my hands into the code, I'd like to come up with a proposal of "work-areas". Meaning, the page will be splitted into various areas, and developers / CSS writers can choose an area, announce they're working on it and "take" that area.

At http://www.flickr.com/photos/98836305 N00/316383710/ you can see a modified PNG of Maìrìn mockup (it's on old one, but the latest "full bodied" available) where the areas are clearly indicated. Each area will be, in my idea, enclosed into a <div>, each one having a distinguishable id.

Section A: General navbar
    Status: almost done, needs refinements

Section B: Navigation & header
    Status: Mokcups ok, functionality needs to be completed, no HTML structure, no working CSS (somewhat)

Section C:
    Status: Mockups needs to be refined[1], functionality/HTML/style depends on the content, portlets[2] yet to be defined

Section D (footer and colophon, is not in the diagram):
    Status: No mockups, no functionality, no HTML, no CSS

If you all agree I'll format the main template in order to accomodate the said areas into it, and hence have the "skeleton" on which insert the other pieces (templates).
Would be cool if people took care of the developement of a certain area (like, B-HTML) and acted as reference for that.

I can take care of the main template, if anyone else doesn't want.

[1] Anybody that has the admin password to a working plone install knows that exists the so called "green border" which embeds all the editing and administrative tools. How we skin it? Also each product/ content type has to be skinned a bit in order to uniform with the general look & feel, and it's what makes section C a PITA.
[2] The portlets are those little elements on the right side of the page that are treated like "pieces" easily addable through the admin interface and are somewhat external to the whole site, so let's just reserve them the space to render into :D

That's all,


Would be cool if someone can write down a simple HTML structure for the mainpage (some what of a "the main page HTML should render like this"), and commited into the svn DOC directory.

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