Re: main page

> En/na Thomas Wood ha escrit:
>> Here's an idea though.. Would anyone object to a "Seasons Greetings"
>> splash?
> Although I see the good aim and will in this idea...
> IMveryHO GNOME should not get into this games, as the international and
> multicultural project that is. Christmas is an originally Christian
> celebration convered into a huge ad campaign that might get confused as
> a global phenomenon but it's not.
> Since GNOME don't pretend to show a Christian background, nor to promote
> consumerism campaigns, nor show a preference for some parts of the
> World, I would just let this event pass.
> Not to talk about the fact that Christmas is not a free software related
> topic.
> Also as an excersise, would have a banner in the homepage
> greeting season in times of Ramadan? Or celebrating China's new year? Or
> the Football World Cup?   :)

That's why I suggested "Seasons Greetings" rather than "Merry Christmas".
However, I understand these concerns, so perhaps instead the next splash
could be an internationalisation one, to celebrate GNOME's multicultural
outreach. :-)


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