Re: The "What is GNOME?" Answer

<quote who="Steve Hall">

> > Whoa, dude, come on - this has nothing to do with the website!
> Sure it does, we're trying to come up with the do-all, be-all description
> for the mega-singular splash paragraph, and I'm saying it can't be done
> because the audience is too broad.

That's just copping out. It has to be done, because people WILL ASK "What is
GNOME?" and we must have an answer. This forms part of our elevator pitch.

> We stop being technically descriptive of ourselves and we start expressing
> the wild vitality that GNOME is.

Sure. GNOME is not just a product, but a project, and that needs to be part
of the answer, but again... This is by no means related to the website. Now
that this part of the thread has been de-CCed from marketing-list, let's let
it die. :-)

- Jeff

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