Re: needs major improvement

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 21:22, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
> Zitat von Jack Stewart <jack webtech co nz>:
> > Being someone who uses CVS for website design I can see where Martin is
> > coming  from.  However, I think with the collaborative development style I
> > think CVS  is the right tool for the job.
> I disagree. I think this may be right for a site which has multiple designs.
> Nonetheless I agree, that there should be a "version control" system.

Aha!  Yes.  Though I had not thought of it in this instance, I use this
exact system in my sites: content is managed via a CMS but the CMS (and
updates/changes to it) are managed via CVS.

I am comfortable with the CVS system but I can imagine that it could be
a significant hurdle for a web designer who has had no experience with
CVS and is not particularly motivated to learn it.


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