Re: needs major improvement

Zitat von Jack Stewart <jack webtech co nz>:

> Being someone who uses CVS for website design I can see where Martin is
> coming  from.  However, I think with the collaborative development style I
> think CVS  is the right tool for the job.

I disagree. I think this may be right for a site which has multiple designs.
Nonetheless I agree, that there should be a "version control" system.

But as a user I can see that people hack HTML code. I am a HTML coder since 1995
and prefer editing with text editors - but I must say in the last years systems
like portals, wikis, blogs with programming websites and editing each codeline
is not really the way to go. I think a site like should have a CMS
with version control.

It should be very easy to put content on without installing additional software
(so you can do many things from an internet café or so). changes in HTML code
or programming should only be generated automatically, so that typing errors
are reduced. And than there should be rights management that on some points
allows guest users to submit input (url change,...)

Right now I think the website os far from being usefull, allthough it
has some information and has some information. And that may be because the
intersection of people who can handle CVS (and have it installed) and those who
have time and knowledge to change content on is different.

I think CVS was a good way some years ago - and it was surely a good choice
because the people who worked on the design often also were GNOME hackers who
used CVS daily.

I could imagine the the GNOME project could invent their own CMS. But I think
there should be one.


Thilo Pfennig

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