Stuff to do...

So, I have checked out a copy of gnomeweb-wml and web-devel-2 modules
and have a local server for testing.  I have been looking around in the
gnome-web-list archive and b.g.o for things that need doing for the
website.  I came across the email below to Martin.  Are you on this
Martin? If so what bits?  I'm gunna start and the top and work down but
if anyone is working on these already let me know so we can
co-ordinate.  I'll submit patches to bugzilla, creating bugs to attach
the patches if there's not a relevant one there.


> There are a lot of easy tasks that you can do to get familiar with the
> code.  Checkout the gnomeweb-wml and web-devel-2 modules.  The README in
> gnomeweb-wml has an introduction to setting up you local environment to
> make changes.  Please submit your patches (diffs) to bugzilla, (sending
> and email to this list will also help get the word out to someone who
> can commmit you patch).  If you have questions can catch someone in 
> #webhackers on irc or send a message this list.

> Easy fixes
>              1. *.g.o sites (www, developer, foundation, etc) should
>                 reference their own content using relative-from-root
>                 URLs ('/arch/lang/'). Most of the pages have absolute
>                 URLs, which makes link testing awkward from your
>                 localhost.
>              2. Pages must be valid XHTML transitional at the least. A
>                 lot of pages are not. Many pages were generated using
>                 tools that could not even make valid HTML 2.0. This is a
>                 huge, and somewhat monotonous task, but an important one
>                 that many people of varying skill can make a
>                 contribution. I did a find on the html in d.g.o and ran
>                 tidy ( to make this report of errors and
>                 warning. 
>                 I like tidy because once you have addressed the
>                 major errors, it can clean up the small errors in markup
>                 and even convert formating tags and attributes into
>                 styles.
>              3. Convert iso-latin-1 to UTF-8. This is an awkward task. I
>                 cannot recommend a perfect tool. Tidy will output UTF-8
>                 if you set the flag to convert the page to XHTML, but I
>                 have had some problems with that. I have used
>                 native2ascii that ship with Java, and while it dutifully
>                 converts content, it will not change any character set
>                 declarations in the page.
>              4. Flag abandoned and depreciated pages and documentation.
>                 We don't have a policy for this. I don't think we should
>                 be contributing to dead links be removing these pages.
>                 Instead, we need to update them to indicate they are
>                 abandoned or depreciated, and remove all site links to
>                 them. We may want to provide an index to old documents
>                 that might have some historical value.
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