Re: needs major improvement

On Sat, 2004-07-17 at 18:44 +0100, Martin Alderson wrote:
> It is a pretty sad affair as of now, with no focus on any elements of 
> the site and really bad design and usability practices on the site.

The main issue it seems is that there is a lot of information for
developers on a page that should be for end users? (Hey, when you say it
that way it really doesn't sound like the end of the world.)

> The font is also a size too big for the homepage. Not a big issue but
> severely stops you putting more on the home-page.

They aren't setting the font size, you are.

> Another problem is how you edit the homepage, which I think is way too
> hard. Designers are not good at programmer style CVS commands, and
> programmers are not good at design. Simple as that, in general, please
> don't make designers use CVS.

I don't agree at all--many designers seem to work out well with CVS.
the current GNOME website, for example, is very pretty.

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