Re: Revised contact page for users and foundation

On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 12:12:59AM -0500 or thereabouts, Curtis C. Hovey wrote:
> I revised the w.g.o/contact page for users:
> Since this is new content, and a departure from what is currently live,
> I would like some advise about how it could be better.
> I picked lists that I think are appropriate for users or relate to
> distributions.  I listed because it is the only Web
> resource that I know of that offers help to users.  I pulled the

The problem with a summarised list of mailing lists is that it
becomes out of date. I can't remember where there used to be a 
page of "useful lists", but there was one before, and it was 
always missing something. 

But then, I suppose the complete list would be too much for people.
It's gigantic. 

Isn't there a list for Gnome on BSD? If you are going to have lists
for Linux distros, that should probably go in as well. 

> national Web sites from the old resources page, are there more?  Perhaps

Yes. Look at the page.
Some of those (but not all) are general sites about Gnome in 
different languages. The remainder are specifically about localising
Gnome itself. 


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