Re: Revised contact page for users and foundation

<quote who="James Henstridge">

> Maybe it would be better to sort the list by purpose first, rather than
> the type of contact. The medium really seems secondary to reason for
> contacting Gnome.


> So for instance, it might make sense to group things like:

I've re-ordered these slightly (with a view to linked contact pages between
the sites as discussed previously).

>    * User support:, gnome-list, #gnome, bugzilla
>    * Localised contact points, grouped by language.

Users (

>    * Developers: desktop-devel-list, some document on contributing to
>      Gnome, etc.

Developers (

>    * Contacting the foundation
>    * Press contact.

Foundation (

>    * Distro/OS specific help, grouped by distro

Commercial (per-distro, support stuff, Foundation supporters, probably all stuff).

How about those?

- Jeff

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