Re: GNOME news: Slashcode and the new version Bender

On 16 Mar 2001 20:19:26 -0600, Joakim Ziegler wrote:

> I've looked at Slashcode before, and while I agree it's an extremely
> flexible, scalable and mature codebase, there are a few drawbacks in using it
> for Gnotices:
> * It's Perl, not PHP. If we're not going with PHP, we might as well stay with
>   (an updated version of) Squishdot. We'll still ahve to implement all the
>   template stuff twice, etc.

I disagree on this point. AFAIK ran using a newer Squishdot,
and while it ran more stable than Gnoticres (I think it did, but I only
visited it 3-4 times total) it still when down once in a while, at least
when being Slashdotted. 

> * It's vastly overkill for something like Gnotices.

Well it might be, but better overkill than substandard. As primarly a user/editor

on Gnotices my main concern that whatever solution is choosen it is
something that the wed developers here on is willing to
support in the long run. The advantage of Squishdot and Slashcode in
that regard is that it mainly requires sysadmin work, not development.
But if 'everyone' here is a PHP developer and wants to help maintain our
new site backend,  I don't have a beef with a PHP based solution, but
please make sure that we don't get something that is developed to a
minimum of functionality after which its primary developer leaves and
after that every request for a bugfix or new functionality is met by a
'sorry the guy who worked on that crud is gone and I am not touching it'
or similar messages. 


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