GNOME news: Slashcode and the new version Bender


I am sorry not to work more in the gnome-web project but in the news
section I think
that I can help to reach the bes solution. I know the slashcode in some
depth and 
in we have implemeted ACLs for the nex version of
slashcode, called 
Bender, which has lotsof new features. It have a plugin architecture, so
it's very 
easy to make it grow, all the HTML visualization is based in templates
using the Perl 
Template Toolkit and it can  store the data in MySQL and Postgres, and
Oracle is
 will be also supported.

Is a very mature software and it scale very well, as probe Slashdot.

I hope that nobody has seen this things before. If so. sorry for make
you lost your time. But
I think that evaluate slashcode it's very important to have a good web

If you need any details (code, functionality, possible new functionality
...) ask about it.

Take in mind that the news in a website is the zone that change more and
if we have a
good news channel, the website traffic will be much higher and we can
give a great
service for the community and for the GNOME projects.

In you have a weblog with all the information about
the code.


-- Alvaro

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