Re: My stab at the templates

On 14 Jun 2001 12:16:28 -0500, Joakim Ziegler wrote:
> As I wrote in a mail I think I sent just to someone on the list, not to
> the list itself, I've been turning the design into an HTML4/CSS2 layout
> this week, and it's just about completely done (it'd been a while since
> I did CSS, so there might be some strangeness still left in the
> stylesheet). It also uses all PNG files, validates completely, and is
> extremely lightweight (with an externalized stylesheet, the template
> information is not more than a kilobyte).

Excellent! I wasn't sure anyone had anything brewing yet. I'm all for
desigining a website for the future (HTML4/CSS2). As a GNU project, we
should definitely go PNG all the way. 
> I haven't turned it into a PHP template yet, so I'll look at using your
> code to do that this weekend. At that point, I'll also implement some
> simple browser detection that'll send the HTML3.2 version to 4.x
> browsers and older, and the HTML4 version to newer browsers.

If we plan to do support crusty browsers, we will definitely have a
problem with PNG files on Netscape 4.x since it doesn't do transparency.
Know of a way around that?


Steve Fox

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