Re: My stab at the templates

On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 02:00:24AM -0500, Steve Fox wrote:
> Anyways, you can grab the code at
> It ain't much, and I'm hadn't even considering translation stuff yet,
> but I just want to get the ball fingers are getting itchy
> :)
> Constructive criticism welcome.

I know PHP has been stated time and time again as the preferred 
choice, but I must point out that it really doesn't look too 
maintainable when you start to discuss serious themability and 
especially multi-lingual sites.

My solution to this problem:

It works extremely well in the theme and multi-lingual areas.  And 
there is *total* seperation between code and templates, which makes
it really easy to let translators edit text without the need for 
digging through code or other methodologies.


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