Re: My stab at the templates

On 14 Jun 2001 02:00:24 -0500, Steve Fox wrote:

> I made a stab at the PHP templates for the site. Granted I basically
> just took Joakim's HTML verbatim, but at least it's a starting point.

> So what do these templates do? The nice thing is that you can define a
> new theme (e.g. for just by inherting the base
> theme class and switching some variables.

> Have a look at 


> for the base theme, and then


> shows how easy it is to change the appearance just by changing the vars.
> Now if I had the rest of Joakim's art work the header image would change
> too.

> Anyways, you can grab the code at

> It ain't much, and I'm hadn't even considering translation stuff yet,
> but I just want to get the ball fingers are getting itchy
> :)

> Constructive criticism welcome.

Looks good, Steve. 

As I wrote in a mail I think I sent just to someone on the list, not to
the list itself, I've been turning the design into an HTML4/CSS2 layout
this week, and it's just about completely done (it'd been a while since
I did CSS, so there might be some strangeness still left in the
stylesheet). It also uses all PNG files, validates completely, and is
extremely lightweight (with an externalized stylesheet, the template
information is not more than a kilobyte).

I haven't turned it into a PHP template yet, so I'll look at using your
code to do that this weekend. At that point, I'll also implement some
simple browser detection that'll send the HTML3.2 version to 4.x
browsers and older, and the HTML4 version to newer browsers.

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