Re: Replacing Squishdot

Christian Schaller wrote:
> > And that gets us back to the a core problem here, the extreme difficulty
> > of getting these people the accounts they need in order to successfully
> > complete their tasks. AFAIK Steve Fox has managed to get the right
> > accounts set up for himself, but he is also the only one. 

Some time ago, just before Havoc's(?) call for web page helpers I was able to 
gain CVS/login accesses through a combination of emails to Joakim, Miguel, 
Elliot and Havoc.  You just need to be persistant :-)  

This was in the context of fixing up/redesigning the web pages, but then came 
the general call for helpers came and the various php/squishdot/various-layout 
discussions that didn't amount to much code getting written occured.  Hopefully 
now that they're over we can write some code soon... :-)
> Actually, I only have CVS access right now. I'm getting semi-close to
> having the Software Map done though so I'll need to start pestering
> people about the proper logins soon. I guess I never really did
> introduce myself when this list was revived, so let me know if you want
> a quick bio :)

Anything you need just holler.  Indeed when you're ready Steve, allocate me some 
of the php template stuff to do and I'll do it.  Life has calmed down a bit 
recently and I'm eager to put in the effort to get a nice new GNOME web page 

michaeld senet com au

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