Re: Replacing Squishdot

On Sat, 2001-08-25 at 04:11, Christian Schaller wrote:
> Hi,
> I think there is no doubt that Squishdot doesn't really give us want
> want at the moment. There was a big discussion about what to do a
> back where the general consensus was to just upgrade Squishdot.
> While this upgrade fixed most of the stability problems, the
> functionality is still lacking.
> I think if someone with the rights skills volunteered to create a new
> and better solution there would be no objections. Wether this solution
> means fixing Squishdot and getting things like moderation, accounts
> some new sidebars working or replacing it with something else (PHP3
> or..) is not that important I think.
> The origianl resistance from gnome-hackers against removing Squishdot
> was more due to fear of another solution needing many months to get in
> place than a statement of support for Squishdot and Zope.
> If Steve is setting up some authentication in regards to the new
> software map, maybe we could use the same authentication for a new
> Gnotices authentication system?
> Any takers?

I'm crossposting this to the Squishdot mailing list.

While the squishdot codebase is currently lacking in certain features
such as moderation and user accounts, this is being addressed with the
'next generation' Swishdot application being developed on top of the
Zope Content Management Framework (CMF). The CMF has a very solid and
well built infrastructure for membership, workflows (reviewing of
contributed content), and other good stuff.

I don't belieive that anyone has currently contributed a moderation tool
per-se for CMF, but depending on what you need, this may not be too
dificult to add.

I would appreciate some more detail as to what features you would like
to see added to Squishdot/Swishdot, as 'moderation' and 'sidebars' is a
little vague.

As far as incorporating authentication from an outside source, this has
always been a core feature of Zope, which has authentication adapters
for LDAP, SMB, PAM, SQL, and probably anything else you care to try.

BTW, in the past, I've gotten flamed by PHP 'advocates' for suggesting
Zope and CMF as an appropriate content management system for,
and I hope this doesn't happen again.


Michael Bernstein.

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