Re: Localized Pages

Felipe Contreras wrote:

I wouldn't say that "most" people don't like this. In my experience, it
is only a relatively small group that purely detest their mother tongue
being used instead of English in technical writing. But this group is
often the loudest ;-)

These users that don't want information in their own language are also
very rarely novice users -- so if is at all aimed at
novice users, it should include some language selection mechanism that
is automatic, provides a "smart" default and is overridable if the user
wants that. I think only the content-negotiation language selection as
default and an optional language selection method on the page that
overrides that (and with this info stored in a cookie) provides all this.

First of all, I hate to see my mother tongue being used instead English in
web pages, it seems weird, that's simply because most people learn to use
computers in english,

Some people see it that way. I prefer to think about it as more freedom; that is, since translations exist, you can choose whatever language you want the information in. I also think that using the user's native language/locale as default is a wisely chosen default, since assuming that the user will understand his/her own language the best seems natural (he/she might not even know another language).

Personally, I think that just because people in the past have been forced to learn English to be able to use computers or surfing the web doesn't mean that it has to be that way. Don't misunderstand me, I love learning languages and I think that everybody who has the possibility to do that should do so, just that I think it's sad that it should be a requirement for using and benefitting from technology.

There you had it. My opinion in a nutshell ;-P

however it would be a nice feature to have the GNOME
site in different languages, but think, does the whole site will be
translated? it will be hard to translate all the news, developer info, etc.

Yes and no. Of course, translators are merely humans, and I don't think anyone will like or manage translating ever-changing news. That's why I think that trying to translate gnotices is a dead end, but I think the rest should be absolutely fine to translate. I haven't checked the developer documentation, but it might just be that some of them already have translations. Anyway, there are *a lot* of gnome translators, so I think that at least some translation teams will manage to make translations 100% for their respective languages.

Also it's very hard to translate technical terms, and anyway seems so
strange that Enlish is clearer.

Yes, translating technical terms and documents is a hard job. But we already do that today. Why should translating the web site for software be any harder than translating the very software itself, like we do today?

Plus all that you have to know that some languages like spanish are very

different depending on the country.

Yes. Sadly, browsers often only give information about language and not locale, so there will have to be some guessing in the default. But I think this is a minor issue, since there aren't even language teams for all country variations of languages. For example, there is only one Spanish team (I think), but I also think inter-language differences is a very minor problem compared to the difference between Spanish and English. :-)

Well, I'm talking about my personal experience with spanish from Mexico, it
might be different for ohter languages.

Always nice to hear experiences :)


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